Custom Nightguards

Protection Against Teeth Grinding in Folsom, CA

Custom Night Guards in Folsom, CA - Henna Sandhu DDSBruxism, the technical term for grinding your teeth, is a common problem for children and adults alike. There is a long list of possible causes: stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and misaligned teeth, to name a few. Dr. Sandhu provides appliances, known as nightguards, to protect your teeth if you grind them during the night, the most commonly reported time for bruxing.

Some signs you might either be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaws together during sleep include morning headaches, soreness in the jaws, painful teeth, teeth that seem loose in the morning, fractured teeth, or small notches appearing at the gumline.

A night guard is much like an athletic mouth protector. Dr. Sandhu takes an impression of your teeth then custom fabricates your appliance. You wear the guard during sleep or the day if needed, and it protects your teeth from damage from grinding.

If you are displaying any of the symptoms listed above, call Henna Sandhu DDS at (916) 817-8799 for an appointment to discuss having a nightguard made. We want to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

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