Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments in Folsom, CA - Henna Sandhu DDSThe hard layer on the outside of your teeth is called enamel. It is the hardest substance in the human body, even harder than bone. However, your enamel is constantly attacked by acid and bacteria in the mouth, causing weak spots that eventually turn into cavities.

Fluoride is a mineral, proven by decades of research and testing, that strengthens enamel and makes it resistant to decay. Fluoride is obtained via public water supplies or by toothpaste, varnishes, gels, and rinses. At Henna Sandhu DDS, we provide professional fluoride treatments that absorb directly into the enamel to repair weak spots and prevent future cavities and costly, extensive treatments.

Professional fluoride treatments take only a few minutes and are totally painless. You may receive the treatments with a tray filled with gel or with a varnish brushed onto the surface of the teeth with a small swab. Dr. Sandhu might recommend fluoride treatments every three months, six months, or annually. Each patient’s situation is unique.

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