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Porcelain Tooth Caps in Folsom, CA

Dr. Henna Sandhu with a Patient in Her Folsom, CA Dental Office - Henna Sandhu DDSAre broken or decayed teeth ruining your perfect smile? Crowns, or “caps,” made from gleaming, durable porcelain can cover a damaged tooth and improve its appearance.

Dr. Sandhu prepares your tooth by removing any decay or damaged areas and reshaping it to form a strong core to accept the crown. You and Dr. Sandhu select the perfect color to match your other teeth. Dr. Sandhu then fits the tooth with a temporary crown for protection while the laboratory fabricates a porcelain crown custom made just for you.

In a few days, your crown is ready to be attached to the tooth. After you and Dr. Sandhu approve the shade, look, and fit of the crown, she will permanently bond the crown to the tooth core.

Porcelain crowns are the perfect solution for decayed or fractured teeth, especially for the front ones. Restore your gleaming smile by calling Dr. Sandhu at (916) 817-8799 today for an appointment to discuss porcelain crowns.

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