Dental Bridges

Tooth Replacement in Folsom, CA

Dental Bridges in Folsom, CA - Henna Sandhu DDSIs your ability to chew your food or speak certain words impaired by a missing tooth? A dental bridge is a time-tested method of tooth replacement.

Much like a bridge over a river, a dental bridge is a false tooth, called a pontic, that fills the gap and is permanently attached to the teeth on either side, called the abutments. This procedure restores your bite and your ability to chew your food just as though you never lost the natural tooth. Bridges are not removable; the pontics are permanently bonded to the abutment teeth. This arrangement allows you to chew your food comfortably and speak with confidence.

Why is replacing a missing tooth important? If a gap where a tooth is missing remains open, the teeth on either side will drift into the space over time, causing your bite to become unbalanced. This imbalance can also lead to problems with your jaw joints and uneven wear on your remaining teeth.

If you are missing one or more teeth, bridges might be just the solution you need. Call Dr. Sandhu at (916) 817-8799 today to see if a dental bridge is right for you.

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