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Dental Treatments for Kids in Folsom, CA

Dental Care for Children in Folsom, CA - Henna Sandhu DDSAt Henna Sandhu DDS, our team realizes that children have dental care needs that are unique from adults. We also understand that kids may need some extra care and patience when receiving dental treatments. You can trust our gentleness and compassion for your child at Henna Sandhu DDS. You can also trust our wide range of dental services for kids, from fluoride treatments to routine cleanings.

While comfortable care is crucial for all patients, gentleness is especially important for our youngest patients. We want your child to have a positive impression of dental visits early on to minimize their anxiety and set a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

Do you suspect your child may have a dental issue, or is it time for their regular cleaning? Please make an appointment today by calling us at (916) 817-8799.

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